Wise Man Dino Babers Reminds Us There Is No Reason To Do Drugs If You Can Do Iced Coffee

Connecticut v Syracuse

If you know even a little about college football, you know how electric Dino Babers is:


My personal favorite came after Syracuse's upset over Virginia Tech in 2016:


Leading up to the 2019 season, Dino has a lot on his plate. Recruiting, prepping for the ACC, and planning practice every day. I'm sure he has felt the need for a little bit of help from a "supplement." Turns out the only supplement he needs is iced coffee:

I'm a big iced coffee guy. Always have been. I drink iced coffee during the winter. That's how big of an iced coffee guy I am. However, if I really need to wake up, I get a large hot coffee. I just assume it's more coffee (no ice), so more caffeine. I've heard people say nothing wakes them up like an iced coffee. That's just not true. If you're drinking cold brew, I get it, but hot coffee just wakes you up more. That's a fact.

Thanks for tuning in to my iced coffee rant. Dino Babers is the best. That's all for today, folks.