Where's The Love? Instagram Influencer Gets Exposed By Own Sister

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Love comes in a variety of ways. It may be being there for your sibling at their lowest moment. Or maybe putting together a surprise party for your sister at her favorite restaurant. At least that’s what it used to be. Now, showing love comes through liking your siblings photos on Instagram and if they want to become an Instagram influencer, you better support her. Unfortunately, that’s not what always happens.

You see this photo?

Looks like a girl who just went on a hike. With over 1k likes, she is showing clearly that she could be advertising various products to her audience. The problem? Her sister is out on Twitter exposing her:

Why be out on Twitter exposing your sister when you could, instead, be lifting her up like this girl:

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Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 3.54.40 PM

Love, not hate.

You could say this will help her with her conquest to be an Instagram influencer, but she blurred out her handle in the screenshot!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 3.58.34 PM

What a shame. What a damn shame.