PMT: Baker Mayfield, Mt Rushmore Of Worst Sounds + Return Of Jimbos

- Preseason Football is here aka name that backup QB you forgot about. Kirk Cousins is having center butt-sweat problems, and a Bosa is hurt.

– Fyre Fest of the week we spent 10 hours in an airport but TGI Friday’s was lit.

– Mt Rushmore of worst sounds featuring special guest Mr Lockwood (Hank’s Dad).

– Baker Mayfield joins the show to talk about expectations, how we’ll handle the haters for him, his QB RV and special appearances from Drew Stanton and Garret Gilbert.

– Segments include Peter King ate the trash, Just Chill Out Man – Adam Gase, Stay Classy Dabo, and Jimbos with special guest AWL who donated to dogs with blogs.