This Is The Only Way To Eat Cereal

It really isn’t a crazy concept when you think about it. I don’t eat at a fast pace and it is good to have these separated for several reasons. One being that the cereal gets saggy and if Resses puffs wanted to make their product saggy they would put it in the box like that. And also yes it is saggy and not soggy. When you leave the milk in there for that long these balls will drag down to the bottom of the bowl and now you are eating soup. There were a lot of haters on this subject.

There was many, many more but hear me out again. When you eat the cereal dry you get the full burst of flavor. All of that chocolate and peanut butter flies into your mouth and when that shit gets stuck on the top of your mouth you wash it down with some nice milk. Instead of slurping it all together like a god damn maniac all at the same time. Eat it like a normal person like myself.