PMT: Packers HC Matt LaFluer, We Riot + Mount Rushmore Of Magic Johnson's Favorite Things

- Hard Knocks episode 2 happened and we were forced to semi riot because they kind of sort of addressed Antonio Brown helmetgate (2:28 – 8:21).

– We have secured 2 of the helmets AB is looking for and offer them to him for a simple trade (8:21 – 11:53).

– Dak Prescott is a master negotiator (11:53 – 15:41). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (15:41 – 30:35).

– Mt Rushmore of things off Magic Johnson’s list of things he likes for his 60th birthday (30:35 – 38:34).

– Packers HC Matt LaFluer joins the show to talk about getting the Green Bay job, his relationship with Aaron Rodgers, whether or not he’s scared of Khalil Mack, and coming up under Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay (38:34 – 66:12).

– Segments include hurt or injured Andrew Luck, PMT sports biz minute, way to stay relevant baseball, thoughts and prayers A-Rod got robbed, and a special edition of Guys in Labor to talk Unions