Ladies And Gentlemen We Have Caught Fire

Day games are one of the most dangerous things in the world. It gives you something to do at work so you pretty much just bet every single game until you go home. I am 1-1 at the moment with a chance to cash a +255. I am positive for the week so I want to give my friends some cash.


Cubs @ Phillies -120

This is straight up an ill advised bet but I have a system. Every day when I walk to work, the first person I see with a non new york team t-shirt on and I bet them. First person I saw today had a Phillies jersey on so there ya go, there is the pick. They won last night and Cole Hamels is still working back to 100%. Taking the under wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Pick Phillies -120

Extra –

Every 1st half over in the WNBA tonight. They are 23 of the last 26 so hammer it.