PMT: Packers Fullback Danny Vitale + John Kuhn, Mike Florio on Helmetgate, And Mt Rushmore Of Colors

- We survived the last weekend without meaningful Football. Eli Manning has a job for life (2:27 – 10:19).

– Who’s back of the week including Big Cat’s twitter meltdown (10:19 – 24:02).

– Mt Rushmore of colors (24:02 – 34:56).

– Packers fullback Danny Vitale and former fullback John Kuhn join the show to talk about Football, Meathead life, biggest hit they’ve ever taken, and why Fullbacks are the smartest players (34:56 – 57:10).

– Mike Florio joins the show to talk about Helmetgate and where the Raiders go from here. Peter King ate the trash, Kings stay Kings Marlins Man and Lenny Dykstra, Hurt or Injured Redskins entire medical staff, We read a headline, and a WILD Monday Reading.