The Stupidity Of Humans Pt. A Billion: More People Are Betting On Tacko Fall Than Zion To Win Rookie Of The Year

Am I taking crazy pills here or something? People can’t be this stupid. I refuse to believe it. I refuse to let people who call Team USA ‘Team Shamrock’ or talk about how Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA or how Marcus Smart is an All-NBA player ruin common sense for the rest of us.

Tacko Fall is BARELY an NBA player. He might not even make the Celtics roster. He’s a niche kind of player – the not as skilled version of Boban essentially. Don’t get me wrong, his story is incredible. The fact that he’s even getting NBA looks is a win despite him being 7’3″. But those betting on him?

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Yeah, sure, you can say Zion had terrible odds and you want to take a longshot. Maybe take a guy that’s for sure going to be in the NBA. Let me interest you in lottery picks with decent odds.

This is just peak Celtics fans though. Every year think they are a favorite to win the title, no matter what people tell them. I actually believe the majority of them think Tacko is better than Zion after watching the UCF/Duke game. Actually, probably just watching Summer League if I had to guess.

Stop betting on Tacko Fall. Stop being fucking stupid. Plus we all know who the real Rookie of the Year is