PMT: Blake Bortles, Mt Rushmore Of Athletes We Thought Would Be Better, And Hard Knocks

- Hard Knocks Episode 3, the Gruden show. Jon Gruden was on full display and is the funniest coach in the NFL (2:28 – 8:45).

– Baker Mayfield had a hell of a time on the internet and we defend our guy (8:45 – 12:11).

– Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hawaii Football being back for degenerates (12:11 – 28:52).

– Mt Rushmore of athletes that we convinced ourselves would be better than they turned out to be (28:52 – 45:48).

– Blake Bortles joins the show live from his Tesla to talk about going bald, the Rams offense, and Wikipedia Club for hair loss (45:48 – 64:39).

– Segments include hurt or injured ronda rousey, pmt sports biz minute, Talking Soccer, trouble in paradise Zeke/Jerry Jones and Guys on Chicks.