People say Unnecessary Roughness is the best college football podcast in America

We’re two days away from the return of college football.

But we arrived at an even more landmark event this morning, as Barstool launched Unnecessary Roughness, the best college football podcast in all the land.

Me, Kayce Smith and Jack Mac spent nearly two hours on our Super Mega 2019 season preview and it is currently shooting up podcast charts as we speak.

Among the highlights:

  • Kayce and I completely disagree on Jalen Hurts and his ceiling at Oklahoma.
  • I share my completely unbiased and professional opinion on The Grove at Ole Miss.
  • Kayce needlessly and relentlessly hates on Urban Meyer and UCF.
  • Jack Mac hates the troops.
  • We are both high on Michigan and low on certain teams in the SEC.
  • We also completely disagree on Oregon and the order of finish at the top of the Pac 12.
  • A sophomore WR from the Big 10 is the most exciting player in the country.

This podcast will drop every Monday and Thursday this season, and will be ruthlessly raw and uncut each time.

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