The Gambling Gods Gave Us A 80 Yard Field Yesterday

So I was stuck in an airport with barely any service yesterday for 6 hours. I landed to a bunch of tweets saying how there is was an 80 yard field being played on. I thought I was missing out on a joke but what the fuck Canada. There were holes in both end zones so they only played 80 yards of the field. So if you took the over this is cash money right away or these guys need to figure it the fuck out.

The total was 39 and the over only hit when there was 5 minutes left. I fo know that Nathan Peterman found out that if he played on an 80 yard field every game he might be the next Tom Brady. He drove down the field his last two drives and ended up winning the game for the Raiders. I did not bet this game but if I had the under I would be on the phone with the bookie all day getting that shit taken away. I am still just baffled that they waited that long to decide that the huge holes in the end zone might be dangerous. All in all though if you had the over you will never forget this game. Yes I know its preseason, it is fun as fuck to bet on.