PMT: Andrew Luck Retires, Rams' Andrew Whitworth and the Mount Rushmore of Guests We Want On the Show

– Andrew Luck retired on Saturday night and we pick up all the pieces. Doug Gottlieb’s dumb tweet, why Colts fans have every right to be sad, Andrew Luck making the right personal decision and why saying a guy is “too smart” at the combine isn’t all that crazy (2:27 – 24:13).

– Who’s back of the week including Breaking Bad and Wayne Brady (24:13 – 32:07).

– Mt Rushmore of guests we want to come on Pardon My Take (32:07 – 44:52).

– Future Hall of Famer Andrew Whitworth joins the show to talk about the twilight of his illustrious career, playing in Cincy, the Super Bowl and more (44:52 – 69:11).

– Segments include talking golf, drunk idea, trouble in paradise dwight howard, and a Monday Reading