I Just Made a $100 Bet With Brandon Walker That Northwestern Will Start A Walk-on QB Over A Former 5 Start Recruit Against Stanford Week 1

Obviously nobody cares about Northwestern football but we just had Brandon Walker on Red Line Radio to talk some Big Ten football today and I made a $100 wager with him that Hunter Johnson will NOT be the start against Stanford week 1. We had Fitz on Red Line Radio a few weeks back to break and I fully assumed that he was just playing media games when he said it truly is a battle.  Gamesmanship to keep Stanford on their toes.  But nope!  Apparently TJ Green is refusing to die and apparently can really sling it all over the field.  But how in the fuck does someone with this pedigree…

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 12.02.30 PM

… not walk into Evanston and immediately be handed the keys to the offense?  It’s mind boggling to me.  I mean just look at his HUDL:

Those are the tools of a first round pick.  Whether he has a first round brain is obviously a different story, but the fact that he’s being pushed by a walk on is NOT good.  I’m not happy about it and when I’m not happy about something I vent via webblog.  I mean sure, TJ Green has great bloodlines (his dad is Trent Green) and his tape is solid too but still… he’s a walk on.  I love that he’s developed into someone who could maybe push for a starting job but his tools are just not in the same stratosphere as Johnson.

Smaller, less athletic, weaker arm.  Sure he’s had more time in the system and Johnson was running scout team all last year but he’s had all summer to get the hang of the playbook and learn the offense.  Someone tell me why I was born into a life rooting for nothing but mediocre organizations please.

and that was talking Northwestern football