Big News: Barstool Smokeshow Approves Of Boyfriend Tathan Martell's Move To Wide Receiver

The Tathan Martell saga this offseason has been nothing short of phenomenal. There’s a narrative out of there that I dislike the Texas A&M-Ohio State transfer. I completely disagree with that. We need more Tathan Martell’s in college football. Makes the game we love so much entertaining.

It appears his move to Wide Receiver is complete. He played, by my estimation, 5-10 snaps on Saturday against Florida as a WR.

This presents some questions off the field. Specifically, will his girlfriend approve of this position change from QB1 to WR 4+?

It appears, yes, she is sticking with Tathan:

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 1.33.38 PM

Kiki is claiming Tathan as “mine” and even went to the game on Saturday in her own version of a Tathan jersey:

Best of luck to Tathan in his transformation from QB1 to WR. Hopefully, Kiki can keep him inspired: