Someone Bet $5k On The 44-89 Orioles To Beat The Nationals Last Night And It Went...Poorly

Look at the onions on this guy. He knew the 44-88 Orioles were hot, hot, hot. Winners of three (3) in a row, and facing the Nats for the last time this season, this guy thought he got a hot tip. He saw Asher Wojciehowski was facing Max Scherzer who was fresh off the DL and with the Orioles being +375, betting $5,000 on the Orioles money line was a no-brainer. Why couldn’t it work? Just a few weeks back the Orioles were the biggest underdogs in MLB history and beat the Astros, could tonight be the night he turned $5 grand into $23,750? My guess is he had a good feeling about it……..And then the first inning happened.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 7.46.49 PM

Scherzer struck out 2 Birds in the first and then the hottest offense in baseball proceeded to hang a 5 spot on Wojo in the bottom half of the first. I imagine the man who laid down the $5K wasn’t feeling too good once he sat down and saw what happened in the first frame. Kinda takes the wind right out of your sails when you see your $5K bet is already basically done. Game never really got close after that as the Nats widened their lead and won 8-4. Just look at the win probability chart from Baseball Savant. That $5K was good as gone after the bottom of the first.

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 10.12.28 PM

I have so many questions for this guy, why 5 grand? Why not just throw a couple hundo on it? I mean I get the odds, but going against Mad Max? And this Orioles team? He didn’t really think he could win this bet, did he? Regardless, that’s 5 grand gone down the toilet. I could only imagine the amount of crab cakes and Natty Boh this guy would have bought if he won the 23K.