Jim Boeheim Is Guaranteeing That Syracuse Will Piss Off Every Gambler And Confuse Every College Basketball Fan

Now wait a goddamn minute here. What is Jim Boeheim up to? He can’t be going senile just yet, right? I mean part of me wants to chalk it up to that but at the same time we’re seeing Georgia Tech football get away from the triple option so I guess anything is possible

Now I don’t want to do any previews or anything like that, because, well it’s pointless, it’s football season and no one really cares about college hoops right this minute. But this is too big of news to not talk about.

Syracuse running a 2-3 zone is a staple in college basketball. It’s up there with Duke having a hatable white dude slapping the floor and Kentucky winning 30 games every year.

It shouldn’t be up to Boeheim to decide if they are going to play man. It’s Syracuse. You HAVE to run the 2-3 zone. You just have to. Unless you’re losing late in the game and need to speed it up then you go to man. But you don’t say in August that you’re going to run man-to-man this year. What, is Buddy going to go out there and D someone up on the wing?

Do you know how awkward this is going to sound if Syracuse starts a game in man?

On top of it all, he’s not even thinking of us gamblers out here. This is even more where it’s like Georgia Tech not running the triple option. Syracuse o/u are always so low because of that zone (and shitty offense). What happens when there are more possessions? Who is going to refund all of us when we 100% bet under like 127 and the game ends up in the 140s?

And yeah, I know Syracuse used to run man, even in the 2000s. But that’s not the point. When you say Syracuse basketball you immediately think 2-3 zone. It’s un-American not to think that at this point.

I’m sorry for having to write a college basketball blog in August, but when something this drastic is about to happen we have to address it. Do the right thing, Jim. Take it back. Say you’re only running the 2-3.