A Beautiful Cover/Push On The Total In The Houston - Oklahoma Game

You may have had 79.5 (sorry) or 80 or even a number above 80, but this push/cover for the over bettors out there was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Another example of the fact that betting unders is BAD for your health.

There are many layers to this. 49 points needed to be scored in the second half. That included a 4th down conversion on 4th-and-goal late in the 4th. And then that last drive from Oklahoma? All that needed to happen on the play above was a simple tackle. That’s all. Houston had zero timeouts left and there had to be a massive chance that Oklahoma was just going to kneel the ball out.

Congratulations to all the over bettors out there on your push/cover (if you got it). A special congrats to Glenny Balls, who has been talking about this over since memorial day. The happiest man in the world to push: