PMT: Coach Hugh Freeze, Football Guy of the Week, and CFB Week 1 Recap

- Football is back and we recap all the Week 1 College Football madness. Tennessee is dead, Florida State forgot to hydrate, the Big Ten is back, and Lincoln Riley is a mad genius (2:29 – 17:46).

– NFL Cuts and the Texans made some big time trades (17:46 – 24:40).

– Football Guy of the Week with nominees Hugh Freeze, Joe Burrow, Oklahoma Coach Shane Beamer, and an Offensive Lineman named Parker Titsworth (24:40 – 28:12).

– Who’s back of the week (28:12 – 39:36).

– Liberty Head Coach Hugh Freeze calls in from his hospital bed to talk about coaching Saturday’s game from a hospital bed (39:36 – 56:34).

– The famous fake funeral at Ole Miss and more. Segments include Talking tennis, is Pat Riley Dead yet? Bad Visual Joe West, Lebron James invents, and the return of Hashtag Hyphy #ThingsWeShouldCancel