We Need To Put A Gambling Etiquette Contract In Place

I am sure you have been seeing a lot of tweets coming from Barstool Bets and we hired a lot of gambling people to help out with it. You have Brandon Walker on his first show saying that he GUARANTEES his favorite college football team is going to cover. If you say that and my ears hear it I am max betting it. I feel like you have more useful information about the game then I do so of course I am taking it. This isn’t a joke all of my money that I get goes into gambling.

I saw an unfamiliar face in the office today so I ask the obvious questions. Who the fuck are you and whatya do. He simply goes ” This is my first day, my name is Ethan and take the Jets -3 on Sunday.” Are you fucking kidding me. I met you two seconds ago and you are giving me picks. You can’t just throw out picks like it is nothing. I am not a betting shamer when you only bet around $25 but if you do keep it to yourself. My life is in jeopardy after every single bet.  I can lose my money by myself so stop giving picks. I think punishments have to be put in place.

Kangaroo court might have to be in session:

Giving an unsolicited pick that loses:  suspended from talking about gambling for your first offense. Second offense will be more serious.

Throw out a Guarantee: Just demoralize you. Really take a beating like how my pocket did.

This list will grow once I get some punishments in play. A lot of words were written here so no making fun of my spelling. While I have you here….

Take the Blue Jays +170 and Angels -150