Watch Glenny Balls & Mush Bob For Apples To Determine The 2019 Barstool Fantasy League Draft Order

Football is back, folks.

A full slate of college football wrapped up on Labor Day and the NFL makes its return on Thursday night — and with it, the return of fantasy football.

In conjunction with the Fantasy Football Factory podcast, Barstool will have its own content and producer fantasy leagues this season. With the content draft slated for tomorrow, we will be determining the draft order this afternoon the most logical way we could think how: bobbing for apples.

Each apple will have a number corresponding to a team in both the content and producer leagues. The designated bobber will draw apples out of the bucket and the order in which the teams’ numbers are drawn will be the order of the drafts.

The teams’ numbers are as follows:

1. Clem

2. Smitty and Nate

3. Marty Mush, Brandon Walker and Big Ev

4. Big Cat and PFT Commenter

5. Coley and Tyler

6. Team Portnoy

7. Barstool Breakfast plus Glenny Balls

8. Hubbs and Carrabis

9. Fran and Kate

10. Lights, Camera, Barstool

11. Hank

12. Rone

After determining the order, we will hold the content draft tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.

Good luck to all the teams and I look forward to having a great season.

— Commissioner Big T