Trevor Bauer Shared A Behind The Scenes Look At His Trade To The Cincinnati Reds

I’m a sucker for behind the scenes stuff, and Trevor Bauer provided a firsthand account of his trade from the Cleveland Indians to the Cincinnati Reds this past July on his YouTube channel. Say what you want about the guy — kind of a weird cat — but he’s extremely interesting. We’ve documented most of his interesting stories here on Barstool Sports, and I’ve picked out some of my favorites for your reading pleasure.

There was the time that he helped a random Twitter user with their math homework.

That time he wrote a diss track about his former batterymate, Miguel Montero.

That one time that he got to hit and used his at-bat to mimic his teammates’ batting stances.

Who could forget the time he trolled Jose Bautista after the 2016 ALCS?

The infamous time that he sliced his finger open with a drone, and then after that he wanted to burn the wound shut himself after the trainers refused to do it for him.

Finally, my personal favorite, the time that he wanted the person who called the cops on him for flying his drone to “live a short and miserable life”. Hell of a tweet breakdown in that all-time blog.

Like I said, he’s an interesting cat. But for everything that he’s done and said, there is one conclusion that I can make and that’s that he’s good for the game of baseball. He provides a unique perspective, especially since he started conducting interviews with active players in spring training. We got the chance to interview him for Starting 9 this past spring, and he’s, as expected, a great interview so you can check that out here.