Fuck Football And Fuck NFL Gambling

Yesterday I was so god damn happy to watch some football. All day I was excited telling everyone we finally made it and once I sat down I knew the bet was fucked. The Bears forgot they had to play offense and just cant let their defense do everything. Thursday night football continues to suck and I am a sucker who took the Bears. New day, new me and yes I had to get more credit to place these bets.


Marshall @ Boise State -12

Marshall played a shit team in VMI last week and Boise State had a pretty tough task at Florida State. The Blue field is back and though I do love the field, I heard birds think its water and swan dive into it. Besides that the place will be buzzing and they will continue there hot streak with Bachmeier at qb. The giy slings it back there, 400 yards in the first game of the season and looked real good. I hope they don’t have a hangover from the first game but I really think Marshall has a chance.

Pick Boise State -12 

I’ll be honest that is all I will be betting. It is the last of my credit and since I have no more I will be betting on https://barstoolbets.com/?utm_source=barstoolsports&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=blog&utm_term=63410_0_fuck-football-and-fuck-nfl-gambling&utm_campaign=barstoolsports_referral_blog_63410_0_fuck-football-and-fuck-nfl-gambling It is free so why wouldn’t you bet and try and win 1k. Hopefully I survive the night.