I Haven't Felt This Good About A Saturday In A Long

I am treating Saturday as a new week and forgetting that I owe $1k I saw these spreads from a mile away and I just know I will win these. I haven’t felt like this in a long time so lets get into these games.


Army @ Michigan -22.5

The troops played terrible against a dog shit Rice team and they are going to wake up against Michigan. This is the only team on their schedule that is actually a good team so they will make this close. Michigan didn’t look great last week and Army is a hard team to run the score up. I also talked to some of the troops and they told me the team always shits the bed the first week and comes back hard the second week.

Pick Army +22.5

Rutgers @ Iowa -20

This is my mortal lock of the century. Rutgers is a dog shit program, Iowa has had their quarterback for like 15 years now who has the experience and can easily win this game. They also do the nicest and coolest thing in sports and wave to the children’s hospital before every game. I have never like a better bet than this take your grandmothers grocerys money and hammer this.

Iowa -20 


Syracuse ML

VT -28.5

Mizz -13.5

Colorado +4.5

Again I love these bets so much so #ridewithmush. Lets have ourselves a fucking Saturday.