Down 17-0...NEVER A DOUBT! Kind of! Eagles Are 1-0

Down 17-0. Going into the half down 20-7. Doug couldn’t call any right plays. The d-line couldn’t get any pressure. The secondary royally shat itself on every play. It was quite possibly the worst half of football since the Chip Kelly days when DC Bill Davis unironically decided not to play defense. And then…

25 unanswered points. Jaccpot Records returns to the tune of 8 for 184 with 2 TD’s, both of which were over 50-yards a pop. Carson Wentz with 313 yards and 3 TD’s (could’ve been 4 but Alshon Jeffrey was credited for a rushing touchdown on a screen pass). 0 turnovers. A true MVP performance that his stats still don’t really do justice. His patience in and outside of the pocket to disect the Skins D when it mattered was artistic. The only thing stopping him from an amazing year is an injury or the Rapture. He’s ready to roll.

Also, at least the Redskins season was able to peak!

A good win. Great? Fuck no. A cockteasing of the cover won’t allow me to say it was great. But it was good nonetheless. There’s a LOT that needs to be worked on, but they survived with no real injuries and a divisional win in the books. We’ll see you in Atlanta next Sunday night. CUE IT!