"Not Bad For A Running Back" - Lamar Jackson's Take On His Record-Setting Day

Four days ago, a reporter asked Lamar Jackson what he hoped to hear Ravens fans talking about after the first game of the season. His response


And, after being told he should look into switching positions coming into the NFL, he had some spice for the media after the game. Not bad for a running back, indeed.

Now, to be fair, the Dolphins may be the worst team of all time. We don’t know yet but they’re off to a fucking RIP ROARING start to earn that claim. They were never in this game, Lamar played with a lead from the jump, and had little to no pressure in his face. But for how shittily the Dolphins played, they’re still an NFL team. Every QB in the League wont post a 158.3 against them this year, nor will they all throw five TDs and keep a clean sheet in the turnover department. The last game Brian Flores coached in he held the Los Angeles Rams to three points, and that man had NO answers for Lamar today. This was a dominant performance against an inferior opponent. Boo hoo, we celebrate every time someone waltzes into Madison Square Garden and hangs 50 on the Knicks. Just think of this as that. It counts, it’s very much on the résumé, I just can’t wait to see it happen against a real live NFL team.