Let Me Take You BacK Through Your Sunday Misery

You wait so long for football to be back and you start to get so excited for the first weekend. You envision yourself on Sundays sitting on your couch, eating a bunch of trash and winning some god damn money. I am really not kidding, once the 1 oclock games start and you see how bad your bets are doing you hate everything about it. It is a crazy feeling where you start to just hate everything about what you bet. So lets get into those games you try and forget.

Jets -2.5 vs Bills

The Jets this preseason were all hyped up with their new signings and they started the game pretty well. They were up 16-0 going for an easy win if you forget about there kicker that is dog shit. Very funny that they traded for that bastard. Once Cj Mosley came out of the game I for sure know this bet was going down the shitter.

Just a sad life to live.

Lions -3 vs Cardinals

There is one of these games every single week. Big Cat was watching this game just muttering to himself that he hates gambling. The Lions were up 17-6 going into the 4th completely controlling the game and the Cardinals looked like they might not ever win a game. The tides turned so fast and went down the shitter. The worst part about it is that they tickled your rat and went to overtime where they could at least give you a push or a win if you had them at -2.5. NOPEEE they just suck. Worst beat of the week in my opinion.

Eagles -10 vs Redskins

This game was a close second because this was a backdoor rat. Redskins started off hot up 17-0 but they soon remembered they are a terrible team. The Eagles started to go off. Seeing DeSean Jackson being all the way back and the offense was clicking on all cylinders. The Redskins were then assholes trying to score once again and then scored with two minutes left. Again just let this bet be dead. When it was 17-0 you write it off but then you start to cover you get excited and then you just get upset when they backdoor.

This gambling thing can really bring you down but you have to keep going. New week so lets see this