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Tonight's UFC Main Event Is Must Watch (Plus IMPORTANT Information On One Of Its Competitors)

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Afternoon, folks! Happy Saturday.

This blog is basically just to remind you that tonight, LIVE on ESPN+, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone takes on Justin Gaethje in what could legitimately be the most violent matchup of the year – on paper, of course.

I think a lot of you are familiar with Cowboy by now, one of the UFC’s most exciting, dynamic, and likable fan-favorite fighters in history; truly a guy who never goes out and puts on a boring fight…and you SHOULD be familiar with Justin Gaethje if you aren’t already, for pretty much all the same reasons. Gaethje is an absolute fucking savage who Dana White called one of the UFC’s best signings ever in my first chat with him. He’s an old-school brawler with the heart of a lion, and again, like Cowboy, has NEVER had a boring fight in his career.




I do have some important information about Justin Gaethje to share that I feel isn’t being talked about enough, however…

Gaethje revealed this week while doing his pre-fight media that he’s been battling an eye infection that almost forced him to withdraw from this bout with Cowboy Cerrone. He’s adamant that it won’t cause him any issues come time to step into the cage tonight, but…how likely is that reeeally?

Listen, I’m not saying I’m a doctor. Here’s what I know for a fact, however, from sitting on press row numerous times: it’s bright as FUCK under the lights of the octagon. Bright as FUCK. Arena/crowd lights are usually dimmed as well, causing a spotlight effect on the octagon itself, which CANNOT be good for somebody battling an eye infection that is causing him to suffer sensitivity to light. Couple this with the cold hard fact that Justin Gaethje has to enter that cage thinking about the time Cowboy knocked him out in sparring a few years ago…

…and Cowboy summoning all the dad strength he can this week…

I’m WAAAAY in on taking him at +155 (I’ve even seen him anywhere from +170 to +200) to beat Gaethje tonight. I don’t give picks often, but fuck, I love that one. At the very least, I won’t feel stupid about taking the dude who won the first time around and DOESN’T have an eye infection stepping in there tonight if Gaethje pulls this one out.

It’s an awesome card top to bottom though, and free if you’ve got ESPN+, so throw it on one of your televisions tonight and enjoy! Here’s the big goof breaking down some fights you may not have known about…