The Vegas Aces Had The Most Electric Cover Of All Time Yesterday

Obviously there were some big games going on yesterday but the biggest one of all was the Vegas Aces vs Chicago Sky elimination game. We were sitting on a live stream watching the Bears game and Big Cat got tweeted at to take the over in the second half at 87.5. It is easy as that, when you are in the mix of betting and you see that you take it right away.

The craziest part about this we could not see the score or how much time was left in the game. We have Youngstown Bob keeping us updated and he lost track of the game and we realized with 25 seconds left we needed 2 points to win the bet. These girls couldn’t hit anything and the craziest thing in my gambling  career. A player on the Vegas Aces stole the ball with 8 seconds left and for no apparent reason she chucks the ball from half court with 6 seconds left. There was no reason to shoot the ball that fast, she had a ton of time to pass it or drive it and she just chucked it up. I am convinced she has practiced this shot every single day and knew exactly what she was doing.

I will be telling my grandkids about this game. I have been walking around the office saying about those Aces. This is literally the reason why I gamble. That was pure excitement and the reason why I went up for the week.