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Houston +4.5 Was An All Time Bad Beat Thanks To The Annexation Of Puerto Rico

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 11.37.04 PM

It was 28-7 at one point. Houston was up. It looked like the Thursday night game in Louisiana was going to be a blow out. Tulane came out strong in the second half and outgained Houston by over 200 yards. They took the lead 31-28. Houston responded with a late FG to tie it. Overtime seemed like it was coming. Tulane went into the kneel formation. And then this happened:

They then followed it up with a quick pass to set up a FG, but that didn’t happen:

The line? Tulane -4.5. Absolutely BRUTAL way to lose a bet. One guy inside Barstool Sports HQ 3 found himself incredibly happy. His name? Marty Mush:

For a guy who had Houston +4.5, I feel gross. Like I want to die.