Can The Redskins Break Their MNF Curse? Please?

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Washington Post - The Redskins have lost seven straight “Monday Night Football” games since a Colt McCoy-led upset of the Cowboys in 2014, including blowout defeats at New Orleans and Philadelphia last year, and have been outscored by an average of nearly 14 points in those games. The Redskins have also won seven straight games against the Bears dating back to 2004, their longest active winning streak against any team.

Washington’s struggles on “Monday Night Football,” especially at home, have been well-documented. The Redskins are 2-16 at FedEx Field on Monday night since the stadium opened in 1997 and 6-23 on Monday night overall during that span. Washington’s 23 losses and .207 winning percentage on “Monday Night Football” since 1997 are both league worsts.


It’s unbelievable how bad the Redskins are in prime time. I’m not a mathematician or some sort of stats expert, but being 2-16 at FedEx Field on Monday nights since it opened in 1997 has to be some sort of statistical anomaly. How can a team be that bad on Monday nights, never mind AT HOME?! The answer is because the Redskins are a cursed franchise thanks to Daniel Snyder and will never win anything as long as he is in control. But that’s neither here nor there. Tonight is a big game. It’s the ol’ unstoppable force vs the immovable object. Mitch Trubisky completing passes vs the Redskins winning on MNF. 2-16 at home and 6-23 overall. Last in the league. It’s crazy.

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But yet here we are again. But this time I feel good. Case Keenum has been a stud thus far, completing 69.1% of his passes with 5 TDs, 0 INT, and a 111.2 QB rating. The Skins defense is full of talent and will look to pry on young Mitch. And by god we cannot lose on MNF again. Just can’t do it, can’t have it, won’t do it, won’t have it. I’m willing this team to victory. I did my part this morning

And I expect to see everyone celebrate with the name “Ereck” on their cup tomorrow after a Monday night win. Take ML and the points.

And then oh yeah, the fun begins. We really start dissecting the schedule and look at ways the Skins can make the playoffs this year….oh the job of being a Skins fan. Let’s just get the W tonight. HTTR.