Someone Can Make $500,000 On An 89 Cent Bet If The Redskins Win Tonight

Excuse me…what????

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 4.54.55 PM

I’m being told this is as real as the day is long. A 20 team parlay all in the hands of the Redskins winning tonight vs the Bears with almost $500,000 on the line. And better yet, it was on an 89 cent bet. 89 cents! This person probably forgot they even did this ridiculous parlay until last night when they were going through their losses and realized they were still alive…extremely alive.

So the question is, does he hedge? I mean, most people would say yes. But where’s the fun in that?! Just let that shit ride, baybeeeeee. No chance the Skins lose tonight with this bet on the line. No chance in hell. I like the Skins and love Peterson over 46.5 yards.