OPEN: Hot Gambling Tip Inside For A 3:30 PM Game

I understand the seriousness of a hot tip. That’s why I’ve been working ALL morning to confirm everything I’ve been hearing. I don’t want to lose the trust of Stoolies everywhere.

I can’t tell you everything I know. That’s why you need to trust me.

This team had 6 players suspended this morning after going out to the bars last night. These aren’t random players, but 6 starters.

I have inside sources confirming almost the entire team hate playing for their coach. The players were recruited by another guy and this young hothead came in and made a bad situation even worse. It’s a complete mess. 4 other starters have quit the team. This team wasn’t even good enough with their regular players. Lost 45-20 to an FCS team. By 42 at home to a bottom 30 team in America. It’s hard to quantify how bad this team truly is with full focus. It’s impossible to quantify it with the dumpster fire it’s currently in.

Let’s just say this team has zero fucks to give. They could play the D3 team across the town today and find a way to lose.

When I was younger, I heard a wise man once say, “some things are better left unexplained.” That’s how I’m going to end this blog. Some things about this hot tip are better left unexplained. All I can say is, if you know you know.

Pick: Akron -9 @ UMass