Air Force's Mascot Aurora Sadly Passed Away And Are -3.5 Saturday

This is truly sad news, you never want to hear about an animal dying and especially a live mascot. When you hear this news you parlay your Grieving process into something that Aurora would have wanted. Auroras life was being at these Air Force games and interacting with the fans for 23 years. As it said in the post, she was a fucking ambassador for all Falcons. She was the Michael Jordan of Falcons, when baby Falcs are growing up all they see is how successful they can be and want to be just like Aurora. This though is a time for all gamblers to come together and do the right thing.

Dan hit it right on the nose, you don’t root for these mascots to croak but when it is there time you have to take your grandmothers grocery money and your pension and put it on Air Force -3.5. They could be playing Alabama and I wouldn’t think twice about it. Dead mascot games are real take a look at the last one.

Let me bring you back to a time where I was a younger degenerate stoolie listening to Dave and Big Cat break this down perfectly. Bevo obviously a big part of Texas program was ill and they were complete dog shit. Bevo brought them new life and they won the biggest two wins of the season. The Dead Mascot Game is a real thing and we should all do this in honor of her, you always follow the rules and that rule is in the bio of Barstool Bets.

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Don’t get this twisted with a hot tip or anything. We have too many people mixing up these gambling terms but this is gambling 101 where you cover this spread for your mascot. Especially when it is the troops. This game isn’t for us, it is for Aurora. #RIPAURORA