Nats at Dodgers - Nuts About The Nats - Game 1 Live Blog

Alright, here we go. Game 1 baby. After that Wild Card game the boys got drunk, hopped on a plane, and woke up in LA. To be honest, that Wild Card game is ridiculous that it exists, this is the big boy series. Nats/Dodgers. Two great pitching staffs going head to head. The Nats trying to win their first playoff series longer than best of 1s, the Dodgers trying to prove they can win the World Series.

Lots of storylines for the Nats- No Bryce, Rendon having an unreal year, Strasburg and Scherzer trying to get over the hump in the playoffs, Davey with a huge turnaround as a manager after that dreadful start, Juan Soto proving to be one of the best players in the game, and Howie MF’ing Kendrick being the GOAT.

October baseball, lfg.