ECU - Temple Had An Absolutely Wild Gambling Ending

Tonight’s game for ECU was for Steve The Pirate. We talked about it earlier. There’s no way they were going to go out there and not cover for Steve The Pirate who was watching from the hospital.

It came down to the wire. ECU was down 27-10 and went on a 9-play, 84-yard drive to score with 29 seconds left to secure the cover. HOWEVER, they converted the onside kick and then this happened:

The play was blown dead, but boy did we almost have one of the worst backdoor covers in college football history.

It appears that the ref went to call his forward progress dead right before he released the ball.

If he didn’t? Temple would’ve covered.

That’s the magic of Steve The Pirate, y’all. That’s the magic of Steve The Pirate.