Stones Gambling Hall Is Launching Another Investigation Into The Cheater, But Even Their Investigation Is Sketchy

If you haven’t been following this story, I implore you to click the above and read the blog and listen to the podcast I did about it as well. It’s an absolutely fascinating story with lots of pieces that fit together like a puzzle when you put it all together. But one of the most fascinating parts is when the allegations came out, Stones claimed they already launched and closed an investigation and found no wrong doing.

But after the internet got involved and basically proved without a shout of a doubt there was foul play involved, Stones then changed their tune.

Well that’s a good start! An investigation with outside experts, not an investigation led by the people you should be investigating. Thorough and detailed. Well done. BUT WAIT, IT AIN’T THAT EASY.

I just…

giphy (3)

This whole thing is so corrupt. Unless it’s a one in a billion coincidence…no wait, one in a billion is too low.

His win rate is the same as winning the Powerball 11 times in a row! Is that enough evidence for everyone?

Here’s the thing I’m worried about, what if some podunk judge says “well it’s possible to win the Powerball 11 times in a row” or some shit like that. Who knows, man.

I hope everyone involved is brought to justice, the players get their money back, and Mike P and whomever else was in on this go to jail.

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