NFL Insider Leroy Visited The Office Today and Made Some College Football Picks


So, I made a new friend today. PFT brought his dog, friend, and NFL Insider, Leroy into the office today for a visit. Leroy gave us scoops on NFL news (whether or not Josh Allen is starting this week), he delivered a hefty amount of drool, and generally just brought cheer and joy to the office. While he was here though, I decided to ask him for some gambling advice. Being the gentleman that he is, Leroy happily obliged. We decided to ask him his opinion on three games of interest this weekend. Here’s what Leroy had to say.

Auburn (-3) at Florida

Illinois at Minnesota (-14)

UMass at FIU (-26.5)

I kinda like Florida, but the other two, I’m definitely riding. Can’t disagree with the wisdom of someone as wise and beautiful as Leroy.