Antonio Brown Quitting Football Screwed My Fantasy Team So I Wrote A Diss Track

Antonio Brown fucked me. There isn't any other way to slice it. He took every measure to remove himself from the game of football and directly spat in the face of all the people who believed in him: the Steelers, the Raiders, the Patriots and ultimately (and most importantly) the fantasy governors. It was my duty to light him up with a quick 16.

It's a long fantasy season, but some of us have gotten screwed already, especially teams that drafted Saquon Barkley in the first round and AB in the second. Devastating, but I don' think that Saquon is quite ready for a diss track of his own. I am, however, looking for my next victim to light up with a diss track over fantasy football. Let me know your suggestions of who really sucks enough to get filleted over a beat. Kirk Cousins saved himself by having a decent week, but he's gotta be next on the chopping block.

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