The Tampa Bay Rays Just Shocked The World and Knocked Justin Verlander Out Of Game 4 In The 4th Inning

Uh….what in the world just happened? Thanos just got his ass handed to him in Tampa. After Monday's shit-pumping, JV turned to manager A.J. Hinch and said "Give me the ball." Entering tonight he was a perfect 8-0 in Division Series starts. On short rest the Houston skipper gave him the ball and well…yeah this happened.

Houston entered this game as a -220 favorite. They are now a +1010 underdog after going down in the 5th. It's 4-0 and it feels like 15-0. I don't know what's happening but it's SOMETHING. I mean this relay throw to get Altuve at home was outrageous. One of the best relays I've ever seen. Literally flawless.

If Tampa can hold on that would mean Greinke would likely start Game 1 of the ALCS, and that's if they get there. That's incredible news for Yankees fans. The Astros are shook. At the plate right now their at bats are, for lack of a better word, bizarre. We could be looking at a Game 5 in Houston of Gerrit Cole vs. a combo of Morton, Glasnow, and Snell. This is wild.

Postseason baseball is the best, especially when your team is sitting at home comfortably waiting to find out their opponent.