There Needs To Be a "Rage Room" In Every Casino/Sportsbook In North America Where Gamblers Can Break Shit To Let Out All Their Anger

I know Jordie already blogged this, but I have a brilliant idea with it moving forward. Bring the 'Rage Room' to every casino and sportsbook in North America. Sure sports fans get mad at their own team while they're at games, but what about the gamblers? What about the bad beats throughout the year that cost people their mortgage? Kid's birthday gift money wasted away because Seton Hall didn't foul late. When that happens what do you need? A rage room. Break everything humanly possible without actually causing a problem.

Marty would probably love the idea of a rage room. At the bare minimum we need one in Barstool HQ. But gamblers all over who lose like this NEED to break shit without consequence. We can't have these bad beats continue without a rage room at every casino nationwide.