Mark Melancon Made The Top 1 Weirdest Hype Video Of All Time For Today's Game 5

Baseball pitchers are weird. Closers are weirder. They all have their own quirks. You have to be a psycho to be able to handle that kind of pressure every night. That being said, this was one weird hype video. Maybe top 1 of all time. Just pleading to bring the energy from different spots in the stadium and then all of a sudden he's in the clubhouse where you can't hear him. It's just a classic Dad move where he has no idea technology works or that they have an entire department dedicated to making cool videos and graphics.

At the end he just shows his food. That's the end of the video with silence. Alrighty then!

I can't tell if this helps or hurts the Braves today. Was it made with the intention of being more awkward than Tommy Smokes or did he actually think he nailed this? My initial thought is Cards by a million, but this video is so unintentionally funny it might work in their favor. I can't wrap my brain around it.

P.S. This is entirely unrelated to the blog but Zack Greinke's stare in the dugout last night made me lose sleep last night.