Two Bettors Won $28,000, But The Book Won't Pay Out Because Of 'Human Error' ... Excuse Me?

[Source] - Salford Red Devils fans Gary Smeaton and Kris Shenton contributed £50 each together to put a £100 accumulator on. They backed their Red Devils side to finish inside the Super League’s top five at 8-1.

And the pair doubled up the bet by tipping 25-1 outsider Jackson Hastings to be named the Super League’s Man of Steel, the award for the player of the season. Incredibly, both bets came in as Hastings helped the Greater Manchester-based club to third in the division and won the individual gong on Sunday.

But the friends’ joy was cut short in devastating fashion – as the bookmakers decided the bet should not have been placed at all.

That is because if one of the bets came in, the other was more likely to follow. So in this case, with Salford Red Devils finishing high in the league, the chances of Hastings being rewarded are more likely than 25-1.

The fuck? Human error! I dare you to try and tell a book that you made a human error in placing a bet and seeing their reaction. I’ll give you a hint. It won’t work for you. You’ll get laughed out of the building down the money you put down. It’ll be a bloodbath for you if you try that.

But this? You can’t claim ‘human error’ to get out of a 23,000 pound (which equated to 28,000ish bucks) win.


I mean think about how ridiculous this is. You put a parlay in on your favorite team finishing in the top-5 and a dude from that team winning MVP. It’s a smart bet! One typically happens with the other. The book never should have accepted that bet and wrote it as two bets instead. You can’t go back and try and do that now:

“William Hill have now said they regard our bet as two £50 bets and are prepared to pay out £1,700 to each of us. I am not settling for that. I will take it all the way. The chief executive of William Hill has refused to speak to me.

Fuck that! That’s hardly a win. 1,700 pounds instead of 23,000? Fuck no. You fight for that money. You won it fair and square. What would have happened if this didn’t hit? You can’t say human error. You can’t be like ‘well, I MEANT to say this.’

Do we need to start betting on rugby? I think I need to start betting on rugby after reading this.