Tomorrow Morning's Washington Post Sports Section Is An Absolute Beauty

I’m still just sitting here at my desk at work. I don’t know what to do. I’m stunned. I cannot believe that happened. On the live stream, no less! So glad we did that. It was just very fun. Kate, Chaps, KB, PFT, and me. The 7th inning on aka the most stressful part of the game I was losing my mind and Kate was telling 1-liner dad jokes, it’s just unreal funny stuff. And now Kate is a part of the #Natitude. She has no choice. I’m just still so shellshocked from how that went. We make so many jokes about “Playoffs Kershaw” and then he Playoff Kershaws! It’s crazy. And then the ball getting stuck in the fence to load the bases for Howie, and I just sat there muttering “make up for it Howie, make up for it” and then he freakin’ made up for it. It’s just one of those sports moments you remember forever. I think I’m gonna walk home. What a game.