Did Clayton Kershaw Make a Deal With The Devil?

Well that was just sad. It's rare for a guy to take the entire loss like that on the chin, admit that everything people say about his postseason choking is real, and just stand up there and take it. I mean when you give up the lead on 2 homers in six pitches you kinda have to with no choice. There's no worse feeling. I think if I had to pick a single player outside of the Yankees to win the World Series it would be Kershaw just because the guy has been through so much shit in October and he always handles it like this.

I honestly think Kershaw made a deal with the devil in exchange for his whole career. 3 CY Youngs, an MVP, over $200 million in career earnings and a sure-fire Hall of Fame induction for life-long misery in October. I mean if I present you with all of that and the only caveat is that you can't win the World Series and are the biggest postseason laughing stock ever you take it 100 times out of 100. Sure you have to live with being a choke artist, but life outside of October is sweet. It just makes no sense whatsoever that he's that bad in the biggest spots. The second highest postseason ERA of all time in elimination games. From April to September every year he's God. In October, all of his powers are zapped. It's fucking crazy. Kershaw comes back out for that 8th inning and you knew something would happen. I took the Nats to score a run for the rest of the game at +140. Two pitches later we're tied. Best bet I've ever made.

And of course Bobby Lightning dipped his pen in the ink last night. Of course he did.

Keep your lips off the Yankees you son of a bitch.