Purdue Bans Students From Betting On Purdue Sporting Events






Betting on the Boilermakers will no longer be allowed for Purdue University faculty and students.

The Purdue Board of Trustees met Thursday and discussed whether sports wagering on its own athletics department should be allowed now that it is legal in Indiana. The vote on the ban was unanimous.

Now, Purdue will make final tweaks to a draft. The policy is expected to go out before the Purdue at Iowa football game on Oct.19.

The ban includes faculty, staff and students from betting on teams, coaches, contests, stats, etc. The prohibition includes sports wagers placed on any team, on a pre-game or in-play basis placed in US and placed online or app (legal or illegal).

I would love to know how Purdue is going to enforce this. “Oh, sorry Jimmy, we heard through your illegal bookie that you bet on Purdue +8 last week. You are suspended for the rest of the semester.”

I get banning your student-athletes from betting on games. That makes sense, but it’s already an NCAA rule, so you don’t need to do that.

What even is the point of banning the students? Do you think they’d have inside information or something? Or did you just want to find a way to make West Lafayette even worse?