Mascot Game Alert: The Browns Bull Mastiff Will Be Retiring After Sunday's Game, And He Will Be Serving As An Honorary Captain

Swagger, the beloved, 145-pound bullmastiff who has been with the Browns since 2014, will make his final run onto the field Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium.

WOW!! Talk about a massive Friday afternoon news dump. The lines have already been set for days. The odds-makers can account for lots of things such as weather, coaching, and injuries, but they clearly have not accounted for this. You're telling me the Browns are HOME UNDERDOGS (+1.5) in Swaggers last game? Sound the alarms folks: this is a MUST BET.

I know this isn't a dead mascot game, so I wouldn't advise putting everything you have on the Browns here. But this is a mascot retirement game, and that's not something you can just brush off. Just because Swagger is walking off on his own terms does not mean that the players will not rally behind him in his honor. I compare this to Jeter's last game with the Yankees. Kobe's last game with the Lakers. John Elway walking off into the sunset after winning the Super Bowl. Those teams were not going to let their superstar leave with a bad taste in his mouth. And the Browns are going to be fighting for their guy, their dawg, to leave on a high note on Sunday.

And to add on to the importance of the end of this illustrious career, the Browns have named Swagger honorary captain for Sunday:

Swagger will serve as the Dawg Pound Captain for his final game.

Let him call the coin toss!!!! One bark for heads. Two for tails.

But for real, this is just what the Browns needed coming off an embarrassing loss. Morale was low, but this is going to light the fire under Baker's ass. Swagger's last game. I think OBJ customizes his shoes on Sunday and scores 3 touchdowns. The Seahawks have to be so pissed right now. You cannot game plan for this.