Nats at Cardinals - Game 1 Of The NLCS - Live Blog is LIVE

Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers  NLDS

And here we are. Nats vs Cards. Me vs YP. Best of 7 for the pennant. The Nats won the Wild Card in dramatic fashion, won the NLDS in dramatic, DRAMATIC fashion, and now will look to carry that energy over to this series.

The Nats will be playing tonight without Daniel Hudson because he went on paternity leave.

I know family comes first and all that. I know. But like…this is stunning news. The Nats bullpen is weak as hell as it is, and Hudson has been very good. And now he’s missing one of the most important days of work of his life. It’s kinda just weird and I’m not sure where I fall on it or what I’m supposed to think but it’s his decision and I guess that’s all I can say about that.

Anibal Sanchez will have to go deep into the game, cannot afford to leave this game up to mid-relief. Or maybe the Nats bats will come alive early and give a little cushion.

I don’t think anyone is terrified of the Cardinals, and I think the live stream with YP (and maybe Riggs) should be a ton of fun. Let’s go Nats, bring the Natitude and get that game 1 W.