I hate Big T (Follow along so you can hate him, too)

I don’t really hate Big T. He’s a nice kid. I still don’t know how he got hired, though. His only talents seem to be that he’s a big, goofy southerner who loves college football. I can’t believe there’s a market for guys like that.

Anyway, today we all get to hate Big T together. Because as nice as he can be in a normal setting, the bastard is absolutely the worst to watch a game with. Smitty the Eagles fan absolutely hates him because of Falcons-Eagles this season. And I fund myself questioning my Braves fandom after watching him react to every pitch of the NLDS as if his testicles were being pinched by a never-ending army of hermit crabs.

So today, I get my chance to watch him shut up in person. Mississippi State takes on Tennessee at noon, and I’ve been tasked to watch the game with Big T.

Mississippi State is an up-and-coming program full of promise, and Tennessee is Blockbuster Video: Great in the 90’s, completely irrelevant now.

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