I Love The Poker Cheater Getting Mad In The Middle Of A Hand Because His God Mode Cheating Technology Stopped Working

This is great. The evidence against him just grows and grows and grows. At this point there’s about 15 different “smoking guns”, each one wilder than the last. The staring down at his phone, the hat, the commenting out loud which cards hurt him before the cards are even flipped over

I mean honestly, the amount of evidence at this point is so overwhelming he should be working out a deal to pay everyone back and hope they drop the lawsuit.

It never ends. The insane calls and folds he made, how he was never wrong, how he knew cards before they were turned over, and so much more. This will probably be a long process, but there’s a lawsuit in motion and man do I hope he loses every penny he made.

But don’t worry, his lawyer is alllll over it.

I love this defense. I’m picturing it happening in a southern lawyer accent too. Maybe he’s wearing a cowboy hat too. The ol’ “well hot diggity dog, when I play the ol’ hold em’ with the boys down the saloon, I lose a lot of them hands, so this guy Mike P must be diggity dang good!”. That’s how I’m imaging it. Or maybe he’s more Better Call Saul-esque, who is to say? All I know is pleading ignorance might be the only defense they can use.

We break down his DMs to me where he pleads that he’s innocent and the world is out to get him on the latest episode of Cracking Aces. We are also joined by one of the greatest poker minds in the world, Phil Galfond. All in all, a pretty great episode, definitely check it out.

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