The Lions Cover By A God Damn Sit Down

Watching Gamblers tweet about this shit is what I live for. I am on the other side of this sit down 99 out 100 times but tonight I was on the good side. The Lions just gave up and were going to let the Packers score but luckily Williams realizes and sits his ass down on the two yard line. When I saw the Lions give up A little shit might have come out of me and a lot of screaming but a win like this can change your whole week around.

Look at how easy it was and then he sits down. I cannot believe he sat down still but beside this play, fuck the refs. How can you call hands to the face wrong twice in the two biggest drives of the game. The mother shitter was right there looking at it 5 feet away and just called it on Flowers each time. I have no doubt in my mind that the ref had Packers ML. I also wouldn’t doubt that the ref told Williams to sit down in that situation too. I know I say this a lot but this is why gambling is so fucking awesome. You watch that whole game and it comes down to a sit down. If you had packers you thought it was dead all game and then the refs give you a chance and boom your heart is ripped out. I also miss the days when I gambled where I always just thought I had a chance to win and now that i have been around the block I see a loss coming at all times. Not today though baby, lets keep rolling.